... which is basically just a more challenging way to spell Sophie haha! I was born and raised in Poland, but have always felt like I belonged on a wild island. I’m your (almost lol) 18 year young ocean dipped 200hr RYT Yoga Alliance and 200hr Kundalini Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, connecting Ashtanga and Kundalini in my classes. I run to the water to surf any time I can, it’s become a big part of my life. I honestly don’t think I’d be able to imagine my life without it by now. Being a former athlete with 6 national champion titles and an unmemorable number of competitions on my back, I’ve learnt to work my way around stress and turn it into a powerhouse as well as mastered a few tricks in healthy, intuitive eating to heighten performance, both physical and mental. I want to share it with young athletes and anyone who wants to support their body and help it thrive. I recently incorporated yoga for surfers into my teachings - combining strengthening asanas with relaxation, mobility training and breath practice. Adding nutritious plant-based recipes to top it all off!

I’m Zosia

Hey wild one,

Two years passed from my injury and I was diagnosed with depression and later gastritis and duodenitis as a result of it. Things that once brought me joy became blunt and it felt like I was never fully present - that was an insanely hard part. I was prescribed medicine, but I only managed to take it for half a year - my body felt sick, quite like it was just rejecting the pills. I decided to put them aside and focus on regaining clarity through working on myself daily, without exceptions. That is actually how I got back to my yoga practice. 

I want to inspire young girls to not be afraid of feeling deeply and being curious to understand their emotions. To take a moment during the day and ask themselves “how are you?” and take time to genuinely answer. I want to share little things that have helped me insanely through the harder times that still come sometimes and support all the beautiful souls out there to finding a purpose in life - which is the biggest step in the transformation and growth journey. For me it was yoga. I found it, or maybe yoga found me and through yoga I found surfing and my purpose was slowly beginning to get unraveled. I found the thing that makes my eyes spark even when just thinking about it and in this virtual wellness studio I want to share as much as I can to inspire you and motivate to work hard to get there too.

After many years of professional training and competing all around the world I landed in a hospital with a blood infection during a competition abroad and was forced to retire from my athletic career to focus on regaining my health and well-being. I joined the national team at the age of twelve and competed in countries such as Korea, China, Iran, France, Berlin and many more - some of which I traveled to alone at a very young age. I took part in Germany’s super talent and well as Polish’s Got Talent and was interviewed in plenty of tv stations. It was a truly big part of my life.

Having to end this part of my life and close a chapter for the first time was a great challenge, but I am so grateful for the closure. If it didn’t happen I wouldn’t be where I am right now - the life I dreamt of as a little girl. It taught me that sometimes life has a better path for us, hidden and trusting the timing and events that happen is so full of opportunities. Every end is a beginning to something else.

My story

When I practice I find stillness in movement and movement in stillness.

I rediscover my purpose and remind myself how much I love what I do and how grateful I am for being able to call it my job, passion and life all at once. Yoga accompanies me everywhere, it’s more of a lifestyle to me than just the physical practice. It’s being aware, being humble, more curious and less judgemental and being passionate. It’s everything I eat and drink and all of that I want to share here!

Every time I step on my mat ...

We are all beautiful in our own way and it’s what makes us special. We should appreciate it, support each other and bring out the beauty and our wildness instead of taming it!

I believe that all women deserve to feel empowered

I always have, especially when the company is good. A dream of mine? Someone to dance in this rain with, ahhh the movies…

I'll dance anywhere

When I surf, waiting for the waves is almost like a meditation to me and the connection with nature makes it an exceptional experience.

I'm an ocean soul

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my daily affirmation

I am aware of my soul's wisdom, embracing the wild within. I nurture healing and connect with my divine self to uncover my true purpose.

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Taking inspiration from the wilderness of nature I created a unique yoga program through connecting ashtanga vinyasa & kundalini yoga to really awaken your wild side and guide you to finding a purpose. 

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