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Love, Zosia

Hi, I’m Zosia, and I’m your 18 year old certified Kundalini and Vinyasa teacher. I created this online wellness studio and yoga shala to make it possible for young women to have a place to unwind after daily stresses of life from anywhere. Imagine this is your wild island escape: a crystal-clear ocean, coconut water, palm trees and shells.

Balancing Vinyasa and Kundalini in my teachings, I have created a unique yoga style inspired by the ocean and its tides, the NWS method. There is physical flow and sweat that bring a sense of cleanse and awakening, and there is spiritual work that brings self-awareness and love...

Certified yoga instructor, surfer and a lover of creating plant based recipes.

I’m Zosia

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Being a former athlete with 6 national champion titles and unmemorable number of competitions on my back, I’ve learnt to work my way around stress and turn it into a powerhouse as well as mastered a few tricks in healthy, intuitive eating to heighten performance, both physical and mental. I want to share it with young athletes as well as people who want to support their body and help it thrive. I especially focus on yoga for surfers, combining strengthening asanas with relaxation and stretching and breath practice. Adding nutritious plant-based recipes to top it all off!

Workshops / Classes / retreats resources / inspiration

Workshops / Classes retreats / resources inspiration

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I participated in yoga classes led by Zosia, I am an active person and I exercise regularly. The atmosphere that Zosia spreads around her is a pure pleasure to be a part of her world. She takes care of the body, soul and mind. This atmosphere and magic cannot be described in words, you have to experience it yourself. The scents, music, light - highest level of comfort. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

This atmosphere and magic cannot be described in words, you have to experience it yourself. The scents, music, light - highest level of comfort.


She is a committed, attentive teacher and a warm, kind soul. You can feel that she takes a lot of pleasure from the practice itself, but also from being together with the students during the classes she leads. Every meeting with Zosia on the mat leaves me feeling incredibly cared for.

Practicing with Zosia is a pleasure for the body, soul and mind.



Her soothing tone of voice and melodic rhythm are unique, she is made to guide during conscious rest. I felt taken care of throughout the session and I remember the feelings that accompanied me throughout with great pleasure. Thank you Zosia, Sat nam angel

Meditation led by Zosia put me in an incredibly deep state of relaxation.

For me, your flow in ashtanga vinyasa yoga is specific and unique at the same time - you are very well conditioned with your mobility which you use well in choosing the exercises (asanas) for the practice, adapted to the level of the group. Mentally you are 100% on the mat, connecting your energy with practitioners and that's what I felt when practicing together the most. So I can wholeheartedly recommend you as a yoga teacher.

Your awareness and presence is reflected in understandable commands and you take on a wonderful journey inside ourselves every time, where understanding and acceptance come.


I felt deeply cared for during her classes. She pays a lot of attention to practitioners, and above all, she truly shares her wonderful energy!

Zosia is such a charismatic and warm person, infecting with her smile and passion for yoga.

Monika P

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Taking inspiration from the wilderness of nature I created a unique yoga program through connecting ashtanga vinyasa & kundalini yoga to really awaken your wild side and guide you to finding a purpose. 

I offer personalized classes designed to meet you exactly where you are on your yoga and healing journey.

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Deepen your alignment, explore new postures, and unlock the power of your breath.

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A collection of free yoga resources to help you begin your journey to intuitive living today.

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