October 22, 2023

My typical day living in a surf town in Portugal

Around three years go I visited Portugal for the first time, it’s now my 14th time here and only counting. I am actually planning to move in for some time after I graduate, so you can tell I fell in love with the place. My days here revolve around surfing, creating yoga content and surfing again. It’s funny, living in a small town – you pretty much know everyone, or at least recognize the faces. Imagine waking up and leaving the house looking like a homeless person only to check the waves and you hear a “heeeey ( your name ) how are you?!” Yup. Happened quite a few times haha! It feels surreal to be surrounded by the ocean, forests, cliffs, and fields all at the same time. So I try to go for a meditation, or a beach walk every morning after waking up, and it truly changes the rest of my day so much. SO!

I usually wake up with the sun, because I never really cover the blinds, so the sun rays just naturally wake me up. The sunrise doesn’t happen at the same time all year round, so the later in year we are the later I wake up. I love to have a good stretch after a long night of laying down and a sip of cold water that I usually put on my cabinet the night before. If I forget to do that – I’ll go boil some water and make ginger lemon infusion which is one of my favorites. It always feels like a little extra wellness in the am and I firmly believe it changes the whole day. I’ll first check the waves on the webcam and then either go down to check with my eyes and move a bit, or if it is really flat – go practice yoga, or meditate on the cliffs. If there’s waves – I drink up the tea, wax my board and run down to surf and after that I make breakfast, my usual is a greek yogurt bowl with a weetabix, vegan protein powder, blueberries, a tablespoon of almond butter, chia seeds, and sometimes I’ll add a banana. Does anyone else totally love coffee with a yogurt bowl? I feel like it changes the whole breakfast! Not to make it too boring though, I usually go to my favorite local coffee shop with my laptop, or if I did all the work before – my book and spend a few hours doing my things. I always order an oat cappuccino and ahh I am obsessed with how aromatic a coffee can be…

We get to noon and depending on the tides – they change daily, or rather hourly I will either meet my friends for a surf, or go tan to the beach. That is during the summer of course! Summer is so warm that I usually skip lunch as I’m not hungry and I’ll just go for an açaí bowl for dinner, around 7:30pm as I’m not a fan of eating later than that. I also find time during the day to study as I am still in high school, last year so its intense… As well as recording yoga materials and content and it is so time taking.

Of course every day varies, sometimes I’ll go for surf skate workshops, or a guided yoga flow, drive to a different city to change the surroundings a bit, or just have a lazy day, or the opposite and surf all day. I think what is so different about this place is that I really get to do what I love daily and share it with other souls around that are interested in similar things too. What never changes is the açai bowl hunt, which I am always on when in Portugal and really anywhere else. I’m a full time açai bowl finder…

Anyways, those days are MAGIC.

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Balancing Vinyasa and Kundalini in my teachings, I have created a unique yoga style inspired by the ocean and its tides, the NWS method. There is physical flow and sweat that bring a sense of cleanse and awakening, and there is spiritual work that brings self-awareness and love.

Certified yoga instructor, surfer and a lover of creating plant based recipes.

I’m Zosia

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