October 22, 2023

Mindful & sustainable travel.

Ever noticed breaking out during your travel, digestion slowing down and sleep cycle collapsing? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

I used to leave every flight with a swollen face, dry skin, and either hungry or feeling bloated after the plane food. Traveling became a trigger to me, always stressed that I’ll get an allergic reaction again and the stress only heightened my symptoms.

After years of traveling, especially those times alone I figured out how to turn my journeys into a pleasant, relaxing experience. This honestly changed traveling SO MUCH for me. Flying became a moment to unwind, turn off from the outside world and take care of myself, for myself and see the world from a different perspective, quite literally! Arriving isn’t saying “I CAN FINALLY BREATHE AGAIN” anymore, but “WOW, I’M SO HAPPY TO BE HERE, IT WAS A GOOD TRIP”, well, at least I try to do that!

I am a huge traveler. It’s a bit of my trait I guess, I always want to discover new places and it comes with a constant change of places, climates, food, having to adapt and switch up the sleep cycle, diet, and for us, girls – work with our cycle.


I like to have something fresh with me during my travels to snack on. It makes me feel refreshed and awake, especially when its super hot around – you know how it is sometimes. So I’ll usually either throw a fruit to my carry on, or cut up some veggies or fruits and pack them to a box, which is also so much more sustainable than buying fruits in the plastic boxes on the airport. I like to mix things up a bit too, keeping the ingredient list mindful. It can really range, but my favorite is definitely roasted hazelnuts, or roasted cashews, walnuts, roasted coconut and a few squares of dark chocolate. It provides me with healthy fats that help fat-soluble vitamins absorb in to the body, magnesium and energy. Nuts are also a great source of energy and you know how important it is during traveling.

I keep my water bottle close to me all the time. I always had trouble remembering to hydrate my body, but after finding a bottle with a pretty design, comfortable grip and a straw I realised it can be such a fun experience to have a pretty, sustainable gadget to walk around with and support the planet at the same time. It almost never gets empty now and not because I’m not drinking water – I just keep refilling! Just be mindful of running to the toilet every half an hour, because that goes in pair with being well hydrated ( lol ). 

Tips : Water has really helped me work with my dry skin, especially when flying and air conditioning inside the plane that constantly circulates, it also aids the puffing of the face. Sometimes I’ll buy electrolyte capsules to dissolve in my water, so that it tastes better and also boosts that hydration, so good!

Skincare in the air

I am a firm believer that time in the air is an amazing time for a spa experience. I have a few products that always make it with me, no matter how long the flight is – an hour, or a whole day, sometimes even night.

01. Thermal water, my favorite and a must! Dealing with dry skin is incredibly frustrating during travel and this is something I never forget to take with me. It’s a great refresher, moisturizer and it’s super light to carry. One thing I noticed about dry skin is that I feel a lot more tired than when its hydrated and plumped, any thoughts on that?

02. Under eye pads, which I put about half an hour before landing to really feel and look awake. I don’t really have any favorites, so if you know any good and sustainable brands let me know! I do have a trick though! If you’re seated by the window, simply put the package with the pads behind the window cover and close it to really cool the pads and add the extra effect. Brilliant huh?

03. Nose spray, which totally sounds like something a grandma would say, but trust me when I say it’s a game changer. The circulating air conditioning not only dries out your skin, but also the inside of your nose and it’s moist for a reason – to keep bacteria out. AC carries different sorts of viruses and because there is no fresh air flow in airplanes – they keep flying around the cabin, so this is especially important if you’re traveling ill, or your immune system is weaker, which happens when women are on their period, or when you’re taking antibiotics, etc.

04. Lip mask, or a chapstick, which tops the “in the air wellness” experience perfectly, making you feel fresh and pampered and your lips looking plumped, and well – who wants to have dry lips?!


Organization is key to “calm travel”. Knowing your passport is on its place, having the necessities easy to access, making sure your phone is charged and that you’re on the airport early enough to have time to solve any problems. If I was to give my top tips I’d undoubtedly go with a good power bank, an extra pouch to keep your electronic devices in instead of throwing them loose to your bag so they tangle up, having your boarding pass in your phone wallet if its possible so it’s quick to access and not keeping too many things in your hands – that is heaven for losing things. I never travel without my noise cancelling headphones, or my water bottle which makes every trip a hundred times easier to relax and take a “deep breath” in stressful situations – I told you having a bottle you like makes a difference!

I guess that would be it, really. The rest comes while you travel, you get to know yourself, you gain the experience of a few fails, lost baggage, a crying baby sitting by your side and suddenly you realize that there’s actually so many ways to overcome the stress, exhaustion and the crying babies too lol. Good luck!

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