October 23, 2023

A letter to love, you’re an oxymoron.

Understand, I’m not 

like an ordinary world.

live in a world of madness and passion, incapable of feeling none. Everlasting emptiness of adventure that I dialled into my soul, yet that day was the one I chose to be alone. 

I thought at that time, it all had to be sure.

No grief and no sorrow could burn a hole in my heart, for my soul is full of art and senses that will never fade dark. It wasn’t a wait, or call for help, but time to understand I wanted something great…

A lighting to strike.

I chose to feel, contradicting what they thought, for I read too many novels not to shoot the shot. An untamed connection, a change in the plot, a flaming feeling…

That was the knot.

No feeling is sure, or straightforward with no fight, it just isn’t a promise, it’s a change, a piece of someone’s heart. You’re like an oxymoron…

You’re a limited lifetime guarantee.

“Intimate strangers”, “only choice”, “limited freedom”, “seductive innocence”, “organised chaos”.

Absolutely unsure.

See how it all contradicts each other? Takes away the trust? See what I mean? I wonder why it doesn’t bother… 

The intensity of forever.

I’ve got the whole world to see and letters to write, flower crowns to make and waves to ride. 

Adventurous and passionate.

Yours truly.

Dum spiro spero.

– Zosia, founder of Namaste With Sophie

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Love, Zosia

Hi, I’m Zosia, and I’m your 18-year-old internationally certified Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga teacher. I created this space - the online wellness studio and yoga shala to make it possible for young women to have a place to unwind after the daily stresses of life and do it from anywhere. Imagine this is your wild island escape: a crystal-clear ocean, coconut water, palm trees and shells.

Balancing Vinyasa and Kundalini in my teachings, I have created a unique yoga style inspired by the ocean and its tides, the NWS method. There is physical flow and sweat that bring a sense of cleanse and awakening, and there is spiritual work that brings self-awareness and love.

Certified yoga instructor, surfer and a lover of creating plant based recipes.

I’m Zosia

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Taking inspiration from the wilderness of nature I created a unique yoga program through connecting ashtanga vinyasa & kundalini yoga to really awaken your wild side and guide you to finding a purpose. 

I offer personalized classes designed to meet you exactly where you are on your yoga and healing journey.

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